Founder Mr. Niu Ben

  Niu Ben is the Chairman of Beijing Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation who is one of the founding family members of LaoNiu Foundation and the son of Niu Gensheng, the Founder and Honorary President of LaoNiu Foundation. With the influence, encouragement and support of hisfather, he participated in the charity, mainly focusing on environmental protection. Since 2012, he has been responsible for the environmental protection project of the LaoNiu Foundation and donated $6 million to the Nature Conservancy Association. Having worked in northern Kenya and the Liwa Wildlife Conservation Association, this experience has also strengthened his determination to participate in charity and to promote the development of environmental protection in China. In March 2015, he and Niu Qiong (the daughter of Niu Gensheng) jointly launched the "Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation" to further expand the family philanthropy. In April 2015, he joined the "Global Philanthropic Leaders Program", aiming to team up with the world's top charitable families, explore the mystery of family inheritance, lead a kind and elegant lifestyle, and realize the production and dissemination of innovative philanthropist.

Founder Ms. Niu Qiong

  Niu Qiong is the Vice President of Beijing Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation, the daughter of Niu Gensheng, the Founder and Honorary President of Lao Niu Foundation, and a member of founding family. After graduation in 2007, she studied and worked in Shanghai AIPU, UK 3I Investment, Tianjin Parkson, etc. With the influence, encouragement and support of his father, she participated in the charity, mainly focusing on children care. She has participated in projects including"Assistance for the Poor and Deaf Children "and" Education and Care for the Lonely and Disabled Children". At present, she has devoted herself to charity.

Secretary General Ms. Chen Xiaopeng

   Chen Xiaopeng is the Secretary-General of Beijing Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundationand one of the founding family members of Lao Niu Foundation (wife of Mr. Niu Ben). She graduated from North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering in 2006 and studied in Beijing Jiaotong University in 2011. She has studied and worked in Shanghai Flavors and Fragrances Limited, Metersbonwe Clothing and other companies. Since joining the charity in 2011, she focuses on cultural educationand successively participated in the Deaf Children Rescue Project and Children's Museum Project. She is currently working on the management of the Beijing Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation.

All the family members often come together to talk about the things about philanthropy

  Since 2006, Mr. Niu resigned from his positions as chairman and president of Mengniu Group successively, and turned from entrepreneur to philanthropist. His passion for giving back is shared by his families, who have been inspired to embrace their own philanthropic efforts. In 2015, Mr. Niu's children established their own Lao Niu Brother & Sister Foundation to expand their personal giving and engagement. The Niu family was cited as a model of strategic philanthropy in China

   The Lao niu foundation has been adhering to the concept of Niu’s family charity.  Through cooperation with 161 institutions and organizations in both China and foreign countries, the Foundation has undertaken 219 public welfare and charity projects in 31 provinces (autonomous regions/municipality/special administrative region) in China and the regions of the United States, Canada, France, Denmark Nepal, and Africa by the end of 2017, with the philanthropic expenditure of CNY1.2 billion.

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