Beijing Laoniu Brother & Sister Philanthropy Foundation ("Laoniu Brother  & Sister Foundation") is a non-public-funded family foundation established on March 19, 2015, which is funded by Mr. Niu Ben and Ms. Niu Qiong (children of Mr. Niu Gensheng, the Founder and Former Chairman and President of Mengniu Dairy Group). It is another family charity organization setting up after the Lao Niu Foundation registered in the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.

  With the aim of focusing on the development of the future generation and promoting social progress through effective charity, it is committed to focusing on the development of future generation through supporting children welfare and youth entrepreneurship projects and leading social progress with innovative philanthropic ideas.

  The board of directors consists of nine directors and has one supervisor. Chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Niu Ben, vice chairman of the board of directors, Ms. Niu Qiong, secretary general, Ms. Chen xiaopeng, director Mr. Huang sishen, Mr. Liu zhouhong, Mr. Guo su, Mr. Tao ze, Ms. Yang pinyan, Mr. An yaqiang; Ms. Cheng hui tian, supervisor.

  The executive organization is the project management center, under that there are  project department, finance department and administration department.

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